We are constantly updating our selection of beautiful posters. Our posters are printed sustainably on thick gallery paper. Our catalogue ranges widely and our posters are made to suit any home and decor style. All art posters are curated or made exclusively for Peléton. Add colour and detail to your wall and spice up your decor with beautiful and contemporary art posters from Peléton.

We sell beautiful art posters from top artists!

Art posters are a wonderful way to decorate any space in your home. They are created by selected contemporary artists and designers around the world. You can also find vintage art Posters on Peléton by some of the greatest artists of our time. We have art Poster styles for every taste, including abstract art posters, graphic art posters and photo art posters. Our goal is to make it easy for you to find sustainable high-quality posters online at affordable prices with worldwide shipping and free shipping and return in Denmark!

We offer a wide range of art posters in different genres to suit your preference. Before deciding which poster you want it is a good idea to find out which art genre matches your interior. The great thing about art posters is that they come in an incredible variety of styles. When deciding which poster you would like, you need to consider what style you are looking for. should the art posters be minimalistic or flamboyant, abstract or figurative? Should they be with subdued colours or should they have a more colourful look? Once you have answered these questions you should have a good idea of which posters you are looking for to match your interior. 

As the popularity of Art posters has been on a rise in Denmark over recent years, more and more homes are decorated with them. The best thing about Art posters is that they evoke creativity and inspiration which can be appealing to people who want their home to feel like a sanctuary where they can recharge for a new day. Art Poster as an interior accessory will help create a positive attitude for both owners and guests alike. Art posters also bring life into our home because it gives us something beautiful to look at every day while we work, eat, relax etc. Moreover, when you see some kind of artwork displayed somewhere inside your house, then you feel like somebody must really care about this place where we spend so many hours of the day! 

We have art posters for every interior and home

our selection of posters gives you the opportunity to choose between many different art genres such as abstract art, graphic art and photo art. Art posters are perfect for decorating a room because they can be placed anywhere in the house; they have no limit of size or height!

Art Posters is an affordable way to liven up your home with beautiful pieces from top artists around the world which makes them perfect interior accessories for every household. 

The best thing about Art Posters is that you don't need much space - we offer Art Posters in different sizes such as 30x40 cm, 50x50 cm, 50x70 cm and 70x100 cm. so it doesn't matter if your place is big or small, there's still a poster waiting just for you! 

If you know what size you are looking for you can use our filtering options in the sidebar so you only see posters in the size you are looking for. we also have other filtering options such as a colour and art genre option. This is great if you know what you are looking for.

The Art Posters on our site come in a variety of different styles and Art genres so there's something for everyone! For example, if you like abstract art you can find the perfect Art Poster under that categorize or if you know that a poster with blue tones would match your interior perfectly, you just have to click the blue filtering option. 

A home full of art posters

A home full of art posters is a wonderful thing to have. they bring life and add colour to a home. Art posters are a great way to express yourself or your tastes in design without decorating permanently. Art posters can be changed or updated as often and with the same ease one might change their clothes. you can mix and match you decoration with different art styles such as abstract art, graphic art and photo art. Art posters can be used to help you express yourself or your taste in interior design without permanently draping a room with fabric wall hangings or painting the walls. Art posters are easy to change up depending on the mood of the day or time of year. Art posters are an inexpensive way to Personalize your home decorating. if you have a poster wall or area in your home that no longer fits in with your home's interior design style, you can simply replace a poster to give the poster wall or area a whole new life and look that you will love!

A note on the quality of art of our posters: we only sell art posters made from thick, quality paper and ink. These posters will not fade in the sun, as some low-quality posters do. At Peléton we put a lot of effort into creating a high-quality product every time so you can be sure when you buy from us that this is premium art poster material that is sustainably produced.

Quick facts about our posters

  • 210g Fine Art paper
  • Every poster is environmentally certified
  • Age-resistant poster paper and ink
  • Matt finish
  • Every poster is produced on-demand

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy a poster?

At Peléton we have a large selection of beautiful and unique art posters. Whether you are looking for a minimalist poster, an abstract poster or something completely different, you can find the perfect art poster on our webshop.

How to make a poster wall?

A poster wall is a great way to decorate your home. You can easily make your poster wall using our poster wall tools. With us, you can get help and inspiration to make your very own poster wall.

Why are the printing method and paper important when buying a poster?

A poster must be printed on thick and age-resistant paper so that you can enjoy your art poster for many years without it shrinking or fading. At Peléton you can be sure that all our posters are printed sustainably on quality paper that is age resistant.

How to frame a poster?

It depends a lot on the type of frame you have, but it's often a tricky process if you haven't tried it before. At Peléton we frame your poster when you buy a frame for our art posters. We've also made it easy for you to reuse our frames multiple times if you want to replace the poster.