5 rules for successful home decoration

The home is where we spend most of our time. It provides comfort, security and a sense of belonging to every person that enters it. For this reason, the home should be decorated in a way that reflects your personality and style so you can feel at home. With these 5 rules, you'll have your house looking like the home of your dreams in no time!

Left to Right: "Take up space" by Karla Hyman, "Farbstudien, 10 Blätter II" by Karl Wiener, "La Cascade" by Maison Charlot and "Creeper and Climber" by Paul Klee

1.Know your style

Your home's decoration is a special opportunity for you to express your personality. You can do this by choosing a colour scheme that suits your style, picking out furniture with shapes and features that are complementary to the space, selecting living room decor items in colours or patterns that reflect who you are.

This rule can't be emphasized enough: know what you like before buying anything for your space! If you're unsure about how to do so on your own or don't want to make mistakes along the way, try one (or more) of these tips out:
Ask a friend for some home interior advice. Browse through interior decorating magazines. Check your favourite home design blogs, Instagram profiles and websites for ideas on colour schemes, furniture pieces or other decor items that you like.

Another tip is to pick some anchor pieces for the decoration of your home. Anchor pieces are items that tie together your home's design and complement the rest of the space. This includes furniture such as a couch or coffee table in one colour with matching lamps on side tables around it, artwork and posters hung around the room to make it feel more like "theirs", artfully placed pillows on a sofa for example. Here is a good example of a piece of furniture that stands out. The round table on three legs was made by artist and furniture designer Rune Elmegaard.

Round table RE10 Teak | Ø128 af Rune Elmegaard

Round table RE10 Teak | Ø128 by Rune Elmegaard

When choosing your anchor pieces remember to always consider your needs regarding the purpose, style, comfort and functionality of the furniture.

2. Use colours and patterns that make you happy

The second tip is to use colours and patterns that make you happy. You will be living with the colour scheme of your home for some time so it's important to know if they'll make you happy or not, before committing. It can also help everyone in your household feel at ease when coming home from work or school every day - a coloured space has been shown to contribute positively towards mental health by reducing stress levels.



Art posters are an easy way to add some pops of colour with very little effort! Posters can quickly give a room some personality through colour and patterns. You can also find them in a variety of sizes and patterns, so you're sure to find something that suits your needs. and when you want a new art poster there’s easy to change.

3. Be mindful of what will work in your space

The best way to decorate a space is by being mindful of what will work in it. It doesn't matter how big, small or fancy your home is - every square meter counts! You might be surprised by the number of ways you can use that extra space such as adding shelving for books and magazines, using wall decals to add some character to an otherwise boring room, or hanging beautiful art posters on the walls. Make sure when selecting items for your interior design that they fit with the style of your house and are aesthetically pleasing.

"Orangeri" by  Lot Winther, "ENCOURAGED" by Mie & Him, "UNDERSTOOD"  by Mie & Him, in @johannejesssen home

4. Use art posters to make your walls stand out

Art posters are a great way to make your walls stand out! They are easy to change and will allow you to express yourself. Whether it's an abstract piece or bright colours - chances are that there is something for everyone. Art posters are also great for adding that extra personality to a room. You can check out our selection of posters here.


"Creeper and Climber" poster by Paul klee

5. Add some greenery to make your space feel fresh and alive

Adding some plants to your interior design can make a huge difference in the feel of your space. Whether you are looking to create an office with a green and healthy environment or have some plants as decoration - there is always room for greenery!



Takeaways from the article

The first rule to successful home decoration is knowing your style. You need to know what you like and dislike, as well as the colors that make you happy. If you have a lot of space in your living room for example, try using patterns or colours with big shapes that will fill up more space without covering too much wall area at once. This way, even if the pattern isn’t perfect on one side of the room it can be offset by another pattern elsewhere. Being mindful about what would work in your space is also important when decorating; sometimes people forget this step because they are so focused on making their walls look functional instead of beautiful! Finally, adding some greenery into your home helps create an inviting feeling and a nice atmosphere. See all our posters her