How to build the perfect art wall

Poster walls are back in style. Art posters fit perfectly into every home and café, as well as offices or modern shops. Art prints from Peléton have a timeless design that easily blends into your interior and will make you happy for years to come. In this blog post, we will show you how to build an art wall.

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How to choose the perfect colour combination for your art wall

Blending colours together is the basis for every design. The correct choice of colour will be a deciding factor in whether your art wall looks lively or dull. Posters from Peléton are available in different colours so you're free to choose whatever suits your taste.

It's best to start with one dominant colour and then add one or two additional shades. You can also use our art wall builder as an opportunity to play with contrasting colours, and different size and colour combinations. Start building your art wall here.

It is also important to colour coordinate the poster design with the frames that you like. Therefore it can sometimes be a good idea to choose a more natural colour as the dominant colour so the frames and posters you choose for your art wall match together.

You can choose a lot of different sizes and coloured frames. We offer the art framed in oak wood, dark oak and black wood in 30x40 cm, 50x70 cm and 70x100 cm. See how your favourite art prints look with frames here.

How do I match different art styles together?

Art prints from Peléton are available in a wide variety of different styles: The style of your wall art will depend on what kind of interior you have. If you already own some furniture that has a particular design or theme it is better to match the poster designs with the theme rather than creating an entirely new look for your home.

Hængende plakater med skønne farver på en hvid væg, gør billedvæggen i stuen til et fantastisk sted at være.

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The most important thing when picking the right style for your art wall is choosing one that fits you as a person. Although some people might say that mixing several art styles is difficult, art posters from Peléton are available in a wide variety of different styles, making it easy for you to choose something that you like. Try mixing our different styles of art prints, with help from our art wall builder which gives you the possibility to build and see your dream art wall before you buy it.

Our art prints are produced according to the highest quality standards and are composed of long-lasting materials. Find our posters here.

The art prints we offer on Peléton help you make a stylish poster wall that is both beautiful and sustainable at the same time. They are easy to hang and put together because our posters come framed.

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How to combine different poster sizes in an art wall

Poster sizes can be combined very well. Art prints are available in three standard poster sizes (30x40 cm, 50x70 cm and 70x100 cm). Our art prints will match perfectly with existing art or even with vintage posters in od sizes. See our selection of vintage art prints here.

If you have art prints in different sizes it is best to sort them into three groups depending on their size, colour and art style: art poster group 1 (most dominant), art poster group 2 and art poster group 3 (less dominant). These groups should then match in terms of design style.

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The exact sequence of which art posters belong depends entirely on what look you want for your wall art. The only important thing is that each individual piece looks good when placed side by side in the interior of the room.

Getting your posters framed in advance is always the most convenient. Also, remember to ensure the paper is thick enough so it doesn't fold inside the frame over time. We produce our artwork on thick high-quality paper and our frames are tightly closed and it is easy to switch the artwork.

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How many posters do I need for my gallery wall?

When finding the right amount of posters to display on your poster wall it mostly depends on the size of the wall or the area where you want your gallery wall to be. Art prints from Peléton are available in three different sizes 30x40 cm, 50x70 cm and 70x100 cm. The prints aren't just something you put on a wall but should instead be a design piece in their own right.

They aren't supposed to cover the entire wall, otherwise, your space will appear dull and boring. To create the perfect look with posters we recommend a maximum of 3 art posters per square metre so you can enjoy each poster individually without it being too much for the eyes.

Art prints can be combined in various ways, and you are free to place them wherever you like depending on their size and style. They are perfect for placing around windows or doorways because they create a focal point that really stands out from the rest of your interior design. However, we recommend going with a maximum of 10-12 artworks per art wall so your home interior is not dominated by them. Find the perfect amount of art prints for your interior by using our art wall builder that allows you to visualise your art wall design before you buy art prints and frames.

You can have gallery walls in your living room, dining room and bedroom. Posters are in some cases also available in a larger size and they look fantastic when placed directly next to each other so you don't need many of them for a small but beautiful art wall.

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Picking frames for your gallery wall

When you choose a frame for an art wall it's important to consider how it will improve your environment aesthetically, but also how well the frame matches with the rest of your interior.

Posters are available with a variety of different frames so you can choose something that suits your interior perfectly. If posters and frames are bought together the art print will be framed so it's easy to hang up.

We have three kinds of frames. We sell oak wood frames, dark oak wood frames and black wood frames. They are all of high quality. These frames match well with art posters. Prints look good in a wide variety of frame colours, so you can choose the colour that best matches your interior!

If you already have an existing interior design theme and want to make a poster wall alongside it, our art print collection is designed in such a way that you can combine art prints for any kind of style or home décor. They work well on art walls next to other home decor accessories like sculptures and paintings without there being too much of either.


How to hang your art wall

The best way to create an art wall is with poster strips. These are self-adhesive, easy to cut and can be hung quickly on your walls. Poster strips are much better than pinning up individual posters because it's easier to change the placement of your posters later on without making holes in your wall! All our poster frames can also be hung up by using nails, screws or hooks.

Posters from Peléton are produced with high-quality paper and they really look fantastic when hung on the wall no matter how you choose to hang them. Mix and match your art wall by using our art wall builder.

Thanks for reading our blog post on how to create the perfect art wall! We hope these tips were useful for you. If you like this article please share it with your friends and family who might share the same interest as you. Do you need more tips on decorating your home with posters? We've written a couple of articles that might help you.

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