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Peléton Exclusive Posters

Posters with the Peléton exclusive label are posters made exclusively for Peléton. We create the Exclusive series in collaboration with talented artists to offer you unique art posters you won't find anywhere else. In this category, you will find photo art, abstract, graphic, illustrated and painted posters. If you want your interior to stand out, why not choose a unique poster from our exclusive catalogue.

An exclusive selection of art prints

Peléton's exclusive selection of art prints allows you to explore a selection of art posters you haven't seen before. Our Peléton Exclusive collection of art posters is created in collaboration with artists and is exclusively made for Peléton and cannot be found anywhere else. All posters in this range are only available to purchase at or from our selected retailers. Our exclusive poster selection consists of 100% original designs and is continuously updated with new exciting art posters.

Peléton's exclusive range of art prints is the perfect way to add a touch of exclusive style to your home decor. With our selection of art posters, you can find something for every taste and style. Whether you're looking for modern or classic art posters, we have something for every home. Explore our exclusive selection of art posters today and find the perfect poster for your home.

Peléton's exclusive art posters are made by a wide selection of artists from around the world. We work with both emerging and established artists to bring you a selection of exclusive art posters that you won't find anywhere else. The exclusive art prints can be found in many different styles such as abstract, figurative, minimalist and colourful posters. Peléton is a great place to find exclusive art posters because we offer a wide selection of different styles to choose from. With our exclusive selection of art prints, you are sure to find a poster for your home.

When curating the range for our Peléton Exclusive series, we focus on finding unique and exclusive designs that you haven't seen before. Each poster is exclusively made in collaboration with Peléton. Here, artists have designed works to compliment Peléton's exclusive collection and focused on creating art posters that can add something extra to a home's interior. All posters in this range are produced using high-quality printing techniques, ensuring that your poster will last for years to come.

Exclusive posters that suit all poster walls

Peléton's exclusive range of art posters is perfect for those who want to find something a little different for their home. With our wide range of styles, you can find an exclusive poster to suit your taste and style. Our exclusive art prints also allow you to create a unique and stylish poster wall that is sure to impress your guests. The exclusive posters allow you to put together unique gallery walls that you don't see in many other homes.

When creating a gallery wall with Peléton art prints, you have the option to match our wide range of different posters. With our exclusive selection of art posters, you can easily create a stylish and unique art wall that will be the envy of all your friends. You can also mix our exclusive selection of posters with Peléton's vintage posters to create a poster wall that mixes modern exclusive designs with posters that have a more vintage look. This way you get a stylish and unique poster wall that shows your style.

If you need the inspiration to create the perfect gallery wall, you can find inspiration and help by clicking on "poster wall" in our main menu. There you can read more about how to create a beautiful gallery wall with our art posters. You can also get inspired by how to put together a poster wall in our poster wall inspiration.

Peléton's exclusive range of art prints is also a great gift for those who appreciate unique and stylish designs. If you know someone who loves art and stylish design, an exclusive Peléton art poster is the perfect gift. It is also possible to purchase gift cards for our selection of art prints so the recipient can choose their favourite poster.

To see Peléton's full range of art posters, click on "art posters" on the main menu. There you will find both our exclusive selection of art prints and our curated selection of art posters. Peléton's exclusive selection of art prints is constantly updated with new exciting designs, so be sure to check back often to find the latest exclusive art prints.

5 quick facts about our Exclusive posters

  • Unique and exclusive selection
  • 210g thick and fine art paper
  • Art from selected artists
  • Age-resistant poster paper and ink
  • Matt finish
  • All posters are printed to order