A look into the creative world of Little Detroit

There is something magical about papercuts that can immerse us in a world of patterns, shapes and colours. One artist who has managed to master this technique is Christine Brage, the creator of Little Detroit. Her papercut artworks are created using a freehand technique without a fixed plan of how each piece will turn out in advance, making her work an organic and unpredictable process.

Christine's love for paper art started as a hobby, experimenting with different patterns and colours in her spare time. Her free approach to paper art led to the establishment of her own artist brand Little Detroit, where she creates unique works of paper art or papercuts, which can be found here on Peléton.

Her approach to paper art allows Christine to let her creativity flow freely and her work is a result of the creative process, letting her instincts and intuition guide her movements. Her art prints are a perfect example of how creativity can flourish when you allow yourself to explore and experiment with different techniques and materials. "There is something immensely satisfying about sitting at home and cutting paper into intricate patterns."

If you're interested in owning one of Little Detroit's papercut art prints, you can see a selection of her most popular art posters here at Peléton.

Little Detroit produkter

Christine Brage's use of vibrant colours makes her work seem alive and captivating. She combines bold and contrasting hues to create stunning combinations that emphasise the intricate details of her patterns. Many of her art prints are characterised by having one prominent colour that is complimented with a neutral background colour to make the pattern and subject stand out.

Her papercuts are available as posters in a variety of patterns, sizes and colours. She has created everything from simple and minimalistic motifs to abstract shapes. If you'd like to explore the entire beautiful and creative collection that Christine Brage has created, click here.