A picture from Morten Nordstrøm says more than a thousand words

A picture of Morten Nordstrøm can say more than a thousand words - and it's not because he's photogenic. It's because when you see one of his pictures, you gain an insight into a moment that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. His photographs tell stories about people and places that might otherwise have been overlooked. And that's exactly why we love them. Morten Nordstrøm manages to give us a unique insight into the world around us - through his camera. Together with Peléton, he has launched his first ever poster series featuring beautiful and evocative images of Copenhagen.

But who is Morten Nordstrøm?

Morten Nordstrøm is a freelance photographer and film maker and has always been very creative. He loves to draw and capture moments through images. His grandfather, who was one of his great heroes, introduced him to photography at a young age, which triggered his fascination with capturing memories that last forever. Known for his popular images of Copenhagen, Morten Nordstrøm is a master at capturing the beauty of small moments and bringing them to life with his powerful photographic skills. Not only do his images reflect his passion for photography, they also have an emotional appeal that makes us see the world with fresh eyes. Read more about Morten Nordstrøm here.

And now, with the launch of Morten Nordstrøm's poster series on Peléton, you can bring this unique vision into your own home. His posters show iconic images of Olfert Fischers Gade, Skindergade, Nyhavn, Krystalgade and Stormbroen, to name just a few of the most famous locations.

Morten Nordstrøm plakater feed

What makes his photographs so special?

With an eye for the extraordinary, Morten Nordstrøm photographs his scenes in a way that speaks to the soul and captures their true beauty. He doesn't rely on flashy techniques or gimmicks - he simply takes the time to observe and appreciate the small details that make up a moment. In short, Morten Nordstrøm's photographs can truly capture an entire story in a single image. His work speaks for itself and it's easy to see why his photo posters are so sought after.

Morten Nordstrøm also talks about the emotions images can give: "One of the things I think is fantastic is precisely the feeling that a picture can give. And I really think that when it comes out physically, and you can touch it and see it in reality, something happens. It becomes alive in a new way. So the value of a print can almost be hard to put into words. The thing about getting things in real life is just something completely different." You can see his entire art print series of images of Copenhagen.

A selection of Nordstrøm's best art prints of Copenhagen

Morten Nordstrøm has created his first exclusive poster series for Peléton, showcasing his stunning images of different areas and sights in the heart of Copenhagen. The series includes images of the iconic Olfert Fischers Gade, a street of traditional and colourful Danish architecture, Nyhavn og Skindergade, two of the most popular places in Copenhagen. There are also pictures from Fiolstræde, Højbro Plads, Krystalgade and Store Regnegade, all of which have very different atmospheres. Finally, the series includes an image of Stormbroen - a bridge that was once an important transport hub in Copenhagen.

The poster series shows the beauty of Copenhagen through different seasons and at different times of the day. Nordstrøm has managed to capture the charming atmosphere and unique character of each area in his images. If you are looking for posters in warmer and summery tones, take a look at the posters:

Olfert Fischers Gade, Skindergade and Nyhavn. Whereas true winter idyll can be found in images such as Krystalgade, Stormbroen and Fiolstræde.

Morten Nordstrøm plakater feed

Whether you're looking for a memory of your favourite places in Copenhagen or just want to add some colour and atmosphere to your home, Morten Nordstrøm's poster series is the perfect way to do so. So why not take this opportunity to bring some iconic images of Copenhagen into your own home? You can see the full collection here.